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All phone conversations and text messages can be left for Belle here.


May. 13th, 2027 02:15 pm
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All mail and e-mail corrospondence can be left for Belle at #24 Chelsea Cloisters here.
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Belle finds that she doesn't mind, really, that Darrow's all but kidnapped her. Indeed, she thinks this is a chance for adventure, what with all that she has to learn about the city she now calls home. The fact that she lives in a city at all, instead of a small village tucked away from the rest of the world, thrills her immensely. Darrow isn't Paris, isn't even in France, and she's prevented from traveling anywhere else, which is slightly frustrating. Still, in a way, this is the best chance Belle's had to see the world.

She finds herself especially fond of these modern cafes. She likes buying herself hot chocolate and curling up in a corner table, reading a book by an author she's never heard of. And there are so many books, too. She has her pick of traveling anywhere she might want to go through the magic of books, and she's ever so grateful for that.

Today finds Belle grabbing a hot chocolate to go, a book in her bag by her side, as she makes her way to the park. It's a lovely afternoon out, and she would hate to waste it inside.

So she makes her purchase and goes, managing to resist the temptation of reading while walking. She makes her way to Petros Park and grabs the first empty bench she finds, settling into it nicely.

She takes out her book and takes a sip of her cocoa. She smiles.


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